Inspired by real love
between real people,
Pas de Deux Project makes you
the muse of real paintings.


Pas de Deux Project is unlike any other painting project. Meghan Keane knows real art requires a lack of inhibition and lack of outside demands for the artist: in other words, complete creative freedom. Honoring the need for artistic liberty in order to create paintings from a place of truth and vulnerability, paintings are not commissioned, nor treated as work-for-hire. Rather, the tables are turned, creating a radical commitment to artistic integrity: you are welcome to be part of the artist's practice and creative process -- and the studio comes to you!  Meghan has been traveling to her subjects (sitters, models, friends, strangers) for two years now and loves it. 


Pas de Deux Project's radical commitment to artistic integrity stems from Meghan's core mission: to honor and validate your humanity through paint. Duets ranging from art-curious to art-obsessed have discovered that becoming a painting honors not only their special event -- engagements, weddings, honeymoons, anniversary, birthdays -- but indeed is an unforgettable experience. Called "one of the most memorable experiences of my life" by Brooklyn collector Beja Grinage, Keane is fast becoming known for her warm presence and her soulful paintings that validate, commemorate, and celebrate the preciousness of life. Parents and children, siblings, and even best friends have experienced the joyful validation that comes from being included in this immortalizing tradition. 


Pas de Deux is also absolutely risk-free. All sitters pay a session fee, which covers the painting experience and goes towards the cost of the painting. During the session, a painting is made based on the genuine inspiration and vision of the artist. At the end, you have the opportunity to acquire the work on the spot. However, if for any reason the painting doesn't inspire full enthusiasm, you have zero obligation to acquire the work. The studio is committed to respecting everyone's interests. Meghan is committed to ecstatic, thrilled collectors who have work that they love. This project is designed to honor you and your decision to acquire.  


Pas de Deux Project makes it possible to acquire a painting that holds up to critical acclaim and is authentically inspired by your presence --  
ultimately for your collection, your legacy, your enjoyment, your empowerment.

View a selection of Meghan's work here.