You’re one hell of a painter.
— Archie Rand (American Painter)
I think [her] work reveals insightfulness, skill, playfulness and risk — risk in the sense that you explore your ideas with an approach I term the ‘What would happen if?’
— Michael Soluri (American Photographer)
When I look at the work, I feel like I’m jumping on a zipline. The lack of specific details frees your images up to the space of timelessness so that any subject will always be able to see your art as new.
— Jill Conner (Art Critic, Curator; Founder of A|S Artist Studios)
Art is a process. The beauty of that process is that it always travels in unexpected directions. It neither asks for, nor expects, a road map or directions. Meghan Keane has taken that journey with remarkable clarity of intent.
— William T. Williams (American Painter)
Composition is critical in a well structured piece of art, together with the artist knowing when to stop painting, not overworking it. Meghan has no problem in either of these two points. Brilliant, well drawn and painted art, well worth your time.
— D. John Wood (Curator, UK)