Photo: Trevre Andrews

Photo: Trevre Andrews


Jordan + Viviana
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

"We are just so lucky to have friends that would come so far and bring so much talent to make our wedding celebration as colorful and special as it was." — Jordan  

"Thank you Meghan for the lovely portrait!" — Viviana



Alex + Daniel
West Village, NYC

“The best part of the process was the structure of the space, warm breath, held closely, for a solid hour. ” — Daniel Cowen, Filmmaker

"Meghan creates a plane, or medium of interaction that is unprecedented for two lovers. It is difficult to find a quiet moment today. Meghan is so very warm, talented and infinitely respectful of two lovers' space, even as she paints what becomes a very intimate moment. A moment she creates. What remains is an embodiment of this sliver of life, in beautiful gestures of color and line. Thank you, Meghan!” — Alex Beth, Writer, Healer



Katherine + Marcy
Paris, France

"I love the unexpectedness and the ambiguity."
— Katherine Tilton, Artist

"I felt caught the moment in shapes and color. The quickness and moment of completion are fantastic to witness and be a part of."
— Marcy Tilton, Designer



Photo: Trevre Andrews

Photo: Trevre Andrews


Joan + Alex
Brooklyn, NY

“The experience has truly stuck with me." 
— Alex Heinke, Sculptor

"There is a peace in just sitting still, especially beside someone you love." 
— Joan Hutcheson, Musician



Ellen + Claude
Medan, France

"For couples celebrating an engagement, have a painting done now, at the start of the road, and promise you'll do another one 25 years down the path."
— Ellen Hampton, Writer

"This is probably a once in a lifetime experience. It is short and the result is wondrous."
— Claude Urraca




Anne + Etienne
Paris, France

"Ouf! J'adore! C'est magnifique. I love my painting!"

— Anne Ferrer, Artist, with son Etienne